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The farm known as La Peixera belonged to the Baron de Biosca (Iglesias Family) and in 1908 Mr. Joan Forn Fustegueres de Cal Xamora de Biosca (our great-great-grandfather) bought it.

Originally the house was located next to the river due to the proximity of the water. Due to successive floods caused by the Llobregós River, the house was moved to the top of the estate.

The name of the farm was due to the existence of a fish tank (dam) that was used to water the trees and farm crops. Legend explains that the barons of the Biosca Castle fed on the fish and crabs in this tank.

The house has been totally uninhabited for about 60 years and, despite the small reform carried out in 2022, the house retains all its essence and it seems that time has stopped inside it.

This new Cal Xamora space is designed for meetings with friends and family or events of all kinds (shootings, workshops, dinners, etc).

We believe that the fact of living for a few hours without light and water can transport us to relive the way our ancestors lived.

La Peixera opens the possibility of living a very different experience where the sunset, candlelight, silence at night and solitude are the protagonists.

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For sea lovers, Cal Xamora- Beach Apartment is your place.

Located in Cambrils very close to the Cavet beach and 15 minutes walk from the center.

The apartment for 4 people has two bedrooms, one double and one double, a bathroom and a fully equipped kitchen-dining room.


The terrace enjoys views of the pool and a communal area with 2 playgrounds and parking.


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